Gut Healthy Shaved Ice.

Did you know that our apple cider vinegar concentrates also work as flavoring for snow cones or shaved ice?? Here's a blog post our founder came up with a couple years ago. 

I love experimenting in the kitchen, mostly just Playing around with different recipes and healthy ingredients to create something nutritious and delicious. My creations don't always workout, sometimes they taste every bit 'experimental' but, once in a while, I find the right combo. 

We got 13 inches of snow dumped on us a couple weeks back. School was canceled for what felt like months..2days I think. My kids were google searching 'snow ice cream'.


I made, what I considered, a tasty dairy-fee version using coconut sugar, vanilla, cashew butter and some prayers. LOTS of prayers. It wasn't until my husband came home with sweetened condensed milk that I realized it was a fail.

"What's that For?" I asked

 "The kids texted me earlier. They said you needed it" He replied

Bravo Kids...Well Played!

after 2 days of watching my mostly, dairy-free, kids inhale snow ice cream made with CANNED milk,  I had to come up with something. That sticky stuff was everywhere. I had to use a chisel to scrape it off my counters.

Pinterest, don't fail me now!!! Fingers Crossed...

jackpot....I Searched for Snowday snacks and SNOW CONES Popped right up. Of course I wasn't going to follow the actual recipe, but I did have a good Idea of how to make them.

We filled a large bowl with CLEAN snow. It was extremely heavy snow. Not the light, powdery stuff you might get in other states. This is Kansas. We get 'Knock your trees down/take out the power lines' snow.

I placed a couple scoops in each bowl and covered them with some Blueberry Lemonade ACV Concentrate From Sour Lemon Beverage Co. (WINK) What happened next was something I never expected....the kids LOVED them.

(Pic from 2019...the boys were SO little And those bottle labels, Lol!)

Everyone asked for more. Can't blame them there, it was amazing. Best part, It's not just a 'not bad for you treat'. They are made with Apple Cider Vinegar, so they are a treat that is also doing good for you. They are so low in calories; 5 or less per serving!!!!  No chemicals, No sugar added, DF, GF , SF (all the things free) too!

Anyway, just had to share my moment of genius. Hope you Enjoy!


1 cup of snow (non yellow) or shaved ice

1 Tbsp Sour Lemon Beverage Co. ACV concentrate (any flavor)  

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