Our Story

In Spring of 2017 I (left), was hustling away in my kitchen, trying to create something that my four kids would drink - something that was actually good for them. One night, while I choked down my daily apple cider vinegar shot, I wondered if it really had to taste that bad... and if by some miracle I could make it taste good enough that my kids would drink it. Several weeks later, after a lot of kitchen disasters and failed attempts, I made a pitcher of ACV lemonade that actually tasted, well, good.

Over the next few months, friends and family encouraged me to turn this lemonade thing into an actual business, so I did! 

That's where I (right) come in. I'm a creative at heart and one of Callen's good friends. We met 5 years ago when I started working for her husband's nutritional supplement company. Every so often we'd collaborate on trade show events or blog posts and I loved every minute we worked together. Sadly, that company had a messy falling out which led to a few rebuilding years. Over the next year I got married, pregnant and moved to Sacramento, CA to open a gym with my husband and two of our dear friends. While I was gone, Sour Lemon experienced some rapid growth. Callen would call me with her design questions and I would call her with my baby questions. Callen decided she couldn't run this company alone anymore, which ironically was about the same time my husband and I were making our move home to Kansas City to be with family. After a lot of fate and a few good conversations Callen asked me to join her as partner. I'm honored to co-own such a rad company with one of the coolest people I know.

- Callen & Aimee