Our Story

In Spring of 2018, I was hustling away in my kitchen, trying to create a healthy pink lemonade that my 4 kids would actually drink - seems simple enough, right?! Well, I had a few specific requirements.....No sugar. Nothing artificial and it had to be Apple Cider Vinegar.  

‘Why Apple cider vinegar’ You ask? The health benefits of course! Specifically, upset tummy after meals and immune boost. These were results that I’d experienced and I wanted them for my kids too! Also, I was really tired of choking down my shot of ACV every night, so I selfishly hoped I’d be able to enjoy the drink.

Several weeks later, after multiple kitchen disasters and 'Pinterest' fails, I made a pitcher of ACV lemonade that tasted, well, incredible! Over the next few months, friends and family encouraged me to turn this lemonade thing into an business, so I did! 

- Callen
 Founder . Owner . Drink Maker . Mom . Mommy . MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!