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The Pitch Kansas City


"...Sour Lemon Owner Callen Johnson began experimenting on her own with apple  cider vinegar in an effort to improve her family’s health, hoping to  soothe sour stomachs and  frequent strep infections..."


The Daily Mom


 "How about indulging in the sweet goodness of apple cider vinegar? Yes, we said sweet, but the health benefits are pretty awesome. With the Variety Pack from Sour Lemon Beverage Co. you’ll get to experience two full servings of all the ACV drink flavors that will be having your belly and tastebuds begging for more! ..."


The Feast Magazine



"Natural remedies have long since recommended apple cider vinegar as a go-to for fixing a wide variety of ailments, from soothing an upset stomach to decreasing blood sugar levels – but rarely has anyone been excited to drink it...."